Why Choosing VATOS Mosaic Sticker Arts and Crafts Kits?
6 Colors Perception: Kids could learn 6 most common colors while playing with the VATOS sticker mosaics.
12 Patterns Perception: There are 3 series in the Sticky Mosaics Arts & Crafts Kits: Princess in the castle, animals in the zoo and vehicles on the earth. Girls can learn over 12 patterns by these fun crafts kits, like unicorns, ufo, crocodile and so on.
Hand-Eye Coordination & Concentration?Girls can improve their hand-eye coordination by sticking the stickers onto the blank spaces that are surrounded by the same color, which could also enhance their concentration.
Sense of Accomplishment Enhancing: When children get a pack done by themselves, they will feel full of sense of accomplishment. It?s a fun activity to keep them busy when staying at home.
Stress-Reducing: Even adults can have fun with this because seeing the blank spaces being covered one by one, you will feel really comfortable and peace in mind.
Good Choices of Girls Gifts: Fun Craft Kits for Party / Traveling / Indoor / Classroom Activities.
How Many Objects You Can Find in Each Series?
Princess in the Castle Series
Princess, frog, apple, unicorn, flowers, castle, tree, heart, sun, candy, star
Animals in the Zoo Series
Lion, crocodile, goose, turtle, fish, crab, octopus, fish, shell.
Vehicles on the Earth Series
Plane, steamship, sun, birds, bus, tree, spaceman, UFO, buildings, planet.
How to Play with the VATOS Mosaic Sticker Art Kits for Kids?
Tear the stickers off.
Stick them onto the blank spaces that are surrounded by the same color.
Use it as a postcard.
Or display it as a decoration.
100% Safety for Your Kids
Every component of the VATOS Mosaic Stickers Kit for kids has been certificated to be Non-Toxic and Lead/BPA/Phthalate Freeby the Third-Party Lab and exhaustively sterilized before they go on sale.
Made with paper, EVA and foam, the craft kit is environment-friendly and safe for your kids.
Need to pay attention: This sticky mosaic kit contains small items. Not suitable for kids under 3-year-olds.
What’s in the box:
12 * Printed Pictures
4 * Card Stands
3240 * EVA Sticky Tiles (54 Pieces)


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