[Blade] 70mm. [Size] W68xH183xD9mm. [Material] stainless steel, ABS, PP, olefin. Sun-Star Stationery is a Japanese company that plans, develops, manufactures and sells stationery, gift, new year goods, infant education products, Disney characters products, premium novelty products. Sun-Star Stationery continues to develop products incorporating new ideas at all times, aiming at products that are chosen by people all over the world as “the favorite stationery”. Sun-Star Products Line-up : [Triart] Marker pen for designing. Three Tips in One! (Fine / Broad / Brush Tips), Alcohol Based, Dry fast and does not dissolve photo copy toner, 150 selection of vivid and neutral colors, 100 pieces carton and color, Size : diameter 15 x 175 mm. [Etegami Pen] Colored Brush Pen for Greeting Cards (Water Based). Etegami Pen offers variety of colors including traditional and artistic Japanese colors. The tip is soft and flexible, and gives unique touch in bold and fine drawings. It is handy for creating seasonal greeting cards to send post cards hole you are traveling, etc. 28 colors including traditional Japanese colors and luminous colors of high-grade coloration. 200 pieces / carton / color, Size: diameter 10 – 15 x 175 mm. [Double Marker] Double-Tip Pen for Two Luminous Colors! Water Base. [Flavor] Slick Colors, Approximately 100 items of office & school use. All items are in 5 transparent colors, Blueberry, Strawberry, Tangerine, Lime, and Ice Cube. [Disney Character Products] Sun-Star is the licensee of Disney characters. Sun-Star can export the Disney items to whom who has the authorized license from Disney Enterprises.


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