Style:Fairy in Flight on Winged Lion
Explore the magical world of bayala? with the Fairy in Flight on Winged Lion, a fun, magical toy playset from Schleich! This set is incredibly detailed, and is ideal for hours of imaginative play. The fairy rides atop the Winged Lion and is secured by a strong magnet. The two pieces can be played with together or separately. The Fairy has moveable arms and the Lion’s wings move allowing children ages 5-12 to play and help the lion take flight. The Fairy in Flight on Winged Lion is part of bayala? – a fantasy world made up of fairies, unicorns, and mermaids. All the fairies and unicorns live in the Sun Kingdom called Soleyas, while the Mermaids and their magical animal companions live in the Water Kingdom called Meamare. All the inhabitants are looking forward to the engagement of crown princess Isabelle and Ayron of Meamare. Come join the adventure! Ideal for children aged 5-12. Schleich? is a German toy company, and we bring realism to a new level. Our high quality, immersive playworlds open up a world of imaginative possibilities to toddlers and kids through safe and educational play. All Schleich products are carefully designed to inspire healthy and creative pretend play for children as both a single toy or part of a larger collection. All products and the materials used meet or exceed the strictest applicable national and international toy safety requirements. We are the world?s leading figurine company, and currently offer six different themed worlds and over 300 products designed to teach and inspire kids as they move through developmental stages. From the realistic worlds of Farm World, Wild Life and Horse Club to the mystical realms of bayala? and Eldrador? Creatures, we put The World in Your Hands.”


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