Rhino Glue Ultra Kit gives you more repair options. Rhino Glue will instantly bond the same or dissimilar surfaces like hard to bond plastics, vinyls, canvas, woods, rubber, ceramics, metals, glass, fabrics and more. No more failed bonds or dry outs with our triple distilled adhesive that works on materials where others fail. Rhino toughened formula for impacts, shock, moisture, heat and vibrations. Rhino Gel is a thicker version of Rhino Glue. Unlike other gel glues that gum up our medium thick Gel will not clog or dryout. Read all Warnings on back label of bottle before use. Note: Not to be used on Skin or Hair. Not available in stores. Rhino Glue Ultra Pro Kit includes: 1) Rhino Glue 40 gram 1) Rhino Glue Gel 40 gram. Total of 80 grams of Rhino Toughened Adhesives.


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