Make DIY slime fashions with Rainbow High Rainbow Surprise. Amethyst Rae is a gorgeous 14″ doll with beautiful, brushable hair as well as fashions and accessories. Use the included DIY slime powders to create DIY slime, and then customize your slime with Rainbow Magic, Rainbow Shimmer and Rainbow Sparkle. Add the DIY slime to Amethyst Rae’s transparent fashions to totally transform her look. Mix and match slimes to make a totally one-of-a-kind statement. Her shoes and her purse can hold slime, too! Each package includes a doll, outfit, socks, shoes, purse, bottle, 4 DIY slime powders, 2 Rainbow Magic powders, 3 shimmer powders, 1 Rainbow Sparkle glitter, and 1 Rainbow Highlighter powder. Experience slime in an all new way with amazing DIY slime fashion! Collect all 4 Rainbow Surprise dolls.


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