Snoooorlaaaaxxxxx! This soft and cuddly 10-inch Snorlax plush is ready for a nap, but it needs a snack first! With Snooze Action Snorlax you can really feel Snorlax? belly rumble and hear its BIG yawns with awesome Snooze Action! Snooze Action Snorlax has over 20 unique sounds and 2 distinct modes of play, Snooze Mode and Awake Mode! Snooze Action Snorlax comes with a special Pecha Berry accessory that you can use to feed Snorlax when it?s in Awake mode, or wake it up from his slumber when it?s in Snooze mode! With a simple, but fun interactive design, Snooze Action Snorlax is the perfect companion to go on adventures with, or just to catch some zzz?s with! Features realistic embroidered details that make this iconic Pok?mon a must-have addition to your Pok?mon team. Gotta Catch ?Em All! Suitable for ages 3 years and up.


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