Welcome to the lifestyles of the plush & glamorous. We?ve got a soft spot for great fashion, so whether we?re hanging with our friends or walking the fuzzy carpet, we always look our best. Cuz we?re wild for style. Na Na Na Surprise Teens are 11″ soft fashion dolls with so much personality and style. Quinn Nash is inspired by a shark. He has cool, silver hair and printed face and clothing details. He comes with an incredible unboxing experience. Open the package to reveal the awesome doll inside. Then pop the balloons to unbox his fashions and accessories. Quinn Nash is all about takin’ a BIG bite out of life. He’s ready for the beach with a hoodie, swim trunks and surf t-shirt. He also has a beachy, shark hat and shark sneakers. Printed details include his shark socks and bandage on his knee. Makes a perfect gift! He also includes a tag with his name, birthday and a little about him. Collect all 5 soft Teens fashion dolls.


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