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The ideal Magic introduction to Marvin?s wonderful world of magic, our Magic Box of Tricks will keep little magician?s entertained until they become big magicians! This easy to perform Magic Made Easy box of tricks contains 225 tricks for any novice magician. Simple and clearly illustrated booklet and is truly a superb introduction into the world of magic. As well as step by step instructions on how to pull off each trick, this set includes; Magic wand, Mystical Magic Cards, Magic cups and balls, Coin and card tricks, Sponge rabbits, Nails through coin, Color block escape, Mind reading canisters, Svengali magic cards, And many more!

A amazing selection of 225 easy-to-perform Magic Made Easy tricks, with clearly illustrated instruction booklet, making it the perfect set to create the complete act for any budding magician. A superb collection for the fascination world of magic. Magic is normally based on dexterity, skill and many years of practice, but with Marvin’s Magic, budding magicians can perform similar sensational effects in no time. It’s professional magic made easy.


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