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The compact design of the GiGi Space Saver Wax Warmer makes it easy to carry anywhere. You can use it in different locations in the home and even outdoors! It?s light, comes in a decent size and compact. Courtesy of its good weight and not being bulky, this accessory can be used in small spaces and is also very portable. nyone looking for professional results knows the value of quality and reliable wax warmers. Coming in a 8 and 14-ounce capacity, the GiGi Space Saver Wax Warmer is suitable for both amateurs and professionals. It works on all types of wax and melts them with perfection and soon you will be showing off your glowing, smooth skin without fear. This mini wax warmer is never to be underestimated. As small as it is, it can evenly melt any type of wax in 8, 14, and 18-ounce cans in minutes! Plus, this wax warmer has an on and off switch for a more efficient hair removal treatment. Just heat up the wax and then turn it off once you reach the right wax consistency.


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