Color:Bunny With Egg
Have fun making your own decoration of your cups, refrigerator doors, mobile phones,
hats, photo frame, commemorative book, glasses etc.

Creative 5D DIY Diamond Painting Art Kits, complete them with your children
and enjoy the fun of diamond painting together.


1. Cut out the favorite pattern

2. Tear off the film on the surface

3. Look at the color number of pattern and find the diamond bag

4. Pour the diamond in the tray

5. Use the diamond sticky pen with clay

6. Glue diamonds to their corresponding color positions

7. Finish.Then press the diamonds with flat hard thing like wood or book, so that the diamonds can stay firmly on sticker

8.Tear off the diamond sticker, then stick it where you like.

Package includes

2* cartoon painting canvas

1* Sticky pen

1* Glue clay

1* Dispensing plate
4* Zip-lock bags

Multi-color diamond bags

Playing tips

This is 5D diamond painting full drill art craft, comes with unfinished, need to finish it by yourselves.

Diamonds are small and easy to lose, please handle them lightly during the pouring process.

Children should be taken care of by parents to avoid accidental swallowing (Product Is NOT Edible).


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