The furReal Polar Bear Cub plush toy is a dream companion for kids ages 4 and up ? one who?ll be able to come along on their adventures and snuggle next to them at the end of day. He?s a curious young polar bear, eager to be picked up and held (he hugs you back!), play peek-a-boo, and even dance from time to time.

And let?s not forget snack time! Feed him from his bottle and he?ll make feeding sounds.

He?s a chatty little cub, too ? he babbles back when spoken to. In nighttime mode, this cutie closes his eyes, makes sleepy sounds, and plays one of four 5-minute sequences of soft music. Sweet dreams, little one!

With moving eyes, nose, and mouth, his face is delightfully expressive ? a totally loveable cub!

furReal and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.


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