Blemish Balm-Special skin care product for irritated, reddened, impure skin. Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Blemish Balm makes skin impurities and pustules disappear quickly. Blemish Balm calms the skin. Blemish Balm-conceals skin impurities.Blemish Balm can also be applied under make-up as a spot treatment. Its soothing, masking, antimicrobial properties alleviate redness and irritation and promote a return to normal skin function. Perfect Complexion: A concealing make-up , with skincare power for every skin tone. Evens out tiny imperfections & conceals uneven patches, red blotches, impurities, larger pores and hyper pigmentation. Excellent for use as make-up base for all skin types Blemish Balm is specially formulated for red, irritated skin with larger pores due to it’s soothing, antibacterial properties. Clients with blemish prone, pigmentation problems or rosacea use this to conceal and correct daily. Just apply thin layer morning and evening to problem areas or to treat and conceal skin blemishes. Blemish Balm is an excellent product for use as make-up base or foundation or to mix directly with your daily moisturizer for a beautiful hint of color.


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