Flavor:Funky Fusion | Size:5 Ounce (Pack of 12)
Bring the chip with everything for every palate to your next snack time with this sweet and smoky taste bud explosion. Dirty Kettle Cooked Funky Fusion Potato Chips covers all the flavors rolled up into one bold, irresistible crunchy bite that will be a sure crowd-pleaser on their own or served with your favorite dip!

This pack of 12, 5 oz. bags is perfect to stock the pantry to grab a bag and curl up for a guilt-free snack, pack for lunch, grab while on the go and even makes great party favors! You can enjoy these delicious, crunchy potato chips without any of the guilt. These kettle cooked potato chips are made without hydrogenated oilsandare gluten, cholesterol and trans-fat free. Dirty chips are shipped directly from the manufacturer, so they arrive at your doorstep fresh!

Dirty Potato Chips are kettle chips with attitude. We offer bold, disruptive, trend-setting flavors with authentic ingredients and small-batch quality. So then, what?s in a name? A name like ?Dirty? tells the story of the humble potato, fresh from the earth, sliced and cooked the same way it?s been done since our beginnings in 1986. We leave the skins on our potatoes and this gives them theirraw, ?Dirty? nature. These skins-on slices, combined with our peanut oil blend, make our chips unique in texture and taste. The simple ingredients and flawless process results in a crunchier, tastier potato chip! You won?t want to put them down and they will become your go-to for every partyand any snack time. You know you want some.


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