Ever wondered if there was an easy way to train your dog to stop pulling and nearly choking itself to death on walks? Luckily, Cesar Millan, a trusted dog trainer and behavioral authority, has developed a leash with a simple but innovative design that will help you train your dog to stop pulling and to start being obedient. Essentially, these dog leashes are there to help eliminate behaviors you would like to correct, like your dog being easily distracted. The pack lead dog collar can be purchased separately and makes a great addition to your dog walking gear. This training lead leash is designed for you to be able to make easy and quick corrections when your dog becomes distracted by a squirrel, another dog, or the various smells in your area. A common mistake dog owners make when trying to correct pulling behavior while on walks is that they pull directly back on the leash rather than to the side. Pulling directly back just causes your dog to want to pull more. Briskly pulling to the side, however, will put your dog slightly off balance and get their attention. It is important to always remember safety when trying to correct behaviors like pulling. If you have questions or concerns about proper technique, reference Cesar Millan’s many videos on the subject or consult your veterinarian. It is important to start training your dogs from a young age. Cesar Millan is dedicated to making training materials amenable and conducive to dog owners of all skill and knowledge levels. Remain in control of your dog no matter the situation with all of Cesar Millan’s dog training accessories and pet correction tools.


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