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2 pack of the Brain & the Fireball The Brain?s Anatomy:The Brain is made of durable polycarbonate, features an automatic clutch mechanism and low friction plastic bearing that deliver long spins and automatic returns. This yoyo comes in an assortment of bright translucent colors and contains a modular design, making it easy for players to unscrew the halves to untangle string knots or apply lubrication to plastic bearing. The Brain also features a see-through cap on one side that enables players to see how the clutch mechanism works. The Brain yo yo weighs 59 grams with a 2.5 mm gap width. The width of the yo yo is 35.7 mm and the diameter is 58.7mm. The Brain contains Yomega’s exclusive auto return system. Yomega Fireball – The Original Transaxle YoYo The Yomega Fireball is no ordinary yoyo! Its fame and longtime popularity are due to the Fireball?s transaxle technology that delivers super long spins. Now it is easy for kids of all ages to perform the classic tricks! The Fireball?s Manual (Responsive) Play, is the perfect choice for intermediate players who wants to learn and advance their skills. With a flick of the wrist, the Fireball spins or “sleeps” at the end of the string, allowing maximum time for a player to perform string tricks. The Player has complete control and can determine when tricks are complete by calling the Fireball back to the hand with a final flick of wrist.


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