Zero Pam specializes in producing reborn baby dolls. We are dedicated to offer lovers and collectors around the world the most innovative and realistic reborn dolls.

We are very focused on the details of reborn dolls – the genial facial expressions, handmade hair, beautiful well-fitting clothes, the most safe silicone vinyl, hand-painted fingers and toes, and firm stitching.

Our goal is to create the perfect doll to retain the goodness and beauty in life’s moments.

In 2001, the brand Zero Pam was born at that time.

We are a Chinese company who engaged in the development,production and sales for a wide variety of high-quality,collectible reborn dolls and reborn baby doll accessories that offer an exceptionally high level of artistry,innovation and irresistible value.The design philosophy of every single doll and each concept is “accompany children grow with love”. we know that nurturing, playing, companionship and memories all matter. It warms our heart to know that all our baby dolls will offer you a friendship.


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