Great Fun DIY Toy Set
This is a very simple and fun DIY toy that can be built without any tools,

Cultivate children’s three-dimensional space combination concept and logical thinking ability.

This hand-made and three-dimensional stickers, material is bright and not faded, the stereoscopic effect is strong, the cartoon pattern is vivid and full of innocence, which attracts children’s hands-on production interest.
DIY Mosaic Stickers
Making Tips
1?Select the area you want to paste and find the corresponding color of foam according to the number.

2?Tear off small squares of foam from the foam sticker, and be careful not to retain the paper on the back.

3?When pasting a crystal diamond, first paste the circular double-sided adhesive on the back of the crystal, and then stick it to the corresponding position of the pattern.

4?When finished, you can paste the picture in the place children like.
Product Detail
12 sheets of cartoon pattern mosaic sets ?10 “* 7.3”?
Each set contains 5 sheets of EVA foam in 5 colors
Colorful flower crystal and round crystal
Double faced adhesive tape


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