Little Jupiter Diamond Art Set

Diamond Art kits For Kids. Unleash Children’s Focus & Achievement.

Are you looking for a great way for kids to pass the time? Perhaps something that unlocks a child?s creativity? Rainy day project that requires focus? A gift? Look no further than the Little Jupiter Diamond Art Set. A wooden canvas art set similar to paint by number projects. The perfect beginner set for kids 6 years and up. Average build time is 2-4 hours. Kids will love the end result from their hard work.

How Does It Work?

Each Diamond Art set includes a themed canvas art frame with a plastic film & a sticky design surface. As you peel back the film, you will see various symbols. An included chart shows the correct color bag that matches the symbols. You simply use the pen tool to stick into the jelly glue. Then use the pen tool to place the correct colors to the sticky canvas art for a dynamic sparkling brilliance that will delight!

Everything You Need For The Perfect Gift.

Each kit includes a 7.5×7.5? wooden canvas art, display stand, two plastic pen tools, 5D resin colored diamond bags, jelly glue, & tray. A tremendous gift for birthdays, Christmas, special occasions, and more!

Designed For Children. Build It Together.

Designed for boys & girls. Available designs include unicorn, llama, rabbit, panda, cat, dinosaur, Santa Claus, and mermaid. We’ve even included two pen tools! A great activity for brothers and sisters to accomplish together. Try it after school, on rainy days, vacations, and more! Little Jupiter?s Diamond Art set makes a great gift for children ages 6,7,8,9,10, & more. Collect all of the designs and brighten up your room!
The Little Jupiter Story – Diamond Art Set
Little Jupiter was started in 2018 by a married couple based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. We produce all sorts of kids related products from stuffed animals to pajamas and more! There’s no limit for Little Jupiter. We strive to make the awesome & safe products all parents and children will enjoy.


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