Dense bristles are super soft and not shedding even after washing.The handle are made of fancy magnetic plastic.
1?Oval Brush : Cheek Blush & Contour?Foundation?Bronzing or Effects Powder?Setting Powder?Eye shadow colour?Concealer
2?Oval Brush: Cheek Contour?Foundation?Setting Powder?Eye shadow colour?Concealer
3?Oval Brush: Eye Shadow Colour?Concealer
4?Linear Brush ?Eye Shadow Colour?Eye Liner?Cheek Blush & Contour?Concealer
5?Linear Brush ?Eye Shadow Colour?Brow Colour?Eye Liner
6?Circle Brush ? Lip Colour/ Finish?Eye Shadow Colour?Concealer
7?Circle Brush ?Lip Colour/Finish?Eye Shadow Colour?Brow Colour?Concealer


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