You may use this instruction as a reference during use:

Round Brush – After finishing the makeup, spread the loose powder evenly on the face to set the makeup
Tapered Brush – Sweep the highlights several times in small amounts on the desired area
Angled Brush – Sweep the blush several times in small amounts on the needed area
Flat Top Brush – For blending liquid foundation or BB cream, perfect for large areas on face or neck, such as foreahead and cheeks
Flat Angled Brush – Modify facial contours. Dip the contouring powder on the shadow areas of the cheeks
Small Round Brush – Dip light eyeshadow to evenly base the upper eyelid
Small Tapered Brush – Application of the concealer on desired areas to cover blemishes
Small Angled Brush – For targeted smudging in the lower eyelids, more perfect for smoky makeup
Small Flat Top Brush – For blending cream or liquid foundation, great for hard-to-reach areas, such as the wings of nose and the corners of eyes
Small Flat Angled Brush – Smear the eye shadow from the center of the eyelids, slowly transit to both sides for a stereoscopic shadow color
Makeup Sponge – Commonly used for various kinds of cosmetics
Brush Cleaner – Very useful tool to cleaning of makeup brushes


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